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Handstamped Sterling Silver Navajo Pearl Necklace | P.J. Haley

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Length: 21"

Extension: 1/2"


Unveil the essence of Southwestern allure with this chic hand-stamped Navajo Pearl necklace, made by the talented P.J. Haley. Crafted with precision and passion, this necklace features a captivating strand of meticulously hand-stamped beads that radiate sophistication and style. Elevate your ensemble with this eye-catching accessory, a fusion of tradition and contemporary fashion that will turn heads and spark conversations wherever you go.


Navajo Pearls represent the enduring tradition of crafting sterling silver beads among Navajo (or Diné) silversmiths. These silver beads serve as a canvas for artisans' creativity, with each bead reflecting the unique style and vision of its creator. Crafting these beads is a meticulous and time-intensive endeavor, involving the melting, rolling, and precision cutting of silver for each individual piece.



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