Sterling Silver & Kingman Turquoise Kachina | Artisan Handmade

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Base: 3 1/8"

Width: 6 1/2"

Height: 8 1/4"


Experience the captivating allure of Southwest artistry with this exquisite Kachina sculpture, meticulously handcrafted to perfection. The sculpture features a lustrous finish that beautifully contrasts with the sand-cast skirt, creating a dynamic visual texture. Hand-stamped details further enrich the piece, while Kingman turquoise accents add a pop of color and authenticity to this exceptional work of art, embodying the essence of traditional craftsmanship and cultural significance.


Spiritual entities in western Puebloan religious beliefs, Kachinas hold central significance across diverse cultures, including the Hopi and Tewa Village in Arizona, as well as the Zuni, Acoma, and Laguna Pueblos in New Mexico. Also known as katchina, katcina, or Katsina, these entities personify elements of the natural world, such as rain, animals, revered ancestors, and more. The term "kachina" derives from the Hopi word "kachi," signifying "spirit father," "life," or "spirit." With over 400 distinct kachinas existing in Hopi and Pueblo culture, variations abound from one pueblo community to another.



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