Kingman Turquoise Cluster Cuff | Artisan Handmade

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Size: 5 1/4

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Indulge in the beauty of Navajo silversmithing with this handcrafted cuff that perfectly balances shining sterling silver with Kingman Turquoise. Thirteen Kingman Turquoise stones carefully arranged into a cluster design sit at the center of a starburst of lines cut into the sterling silver band, elegantly drawing the eye into the turquoise's oceanic blue and green hues. While the cluster design evokes traditional cuffs of eons past, the silver-work adds a contemporary edge that brings this cuff into the modern world and makes certain it will stand the testament of time for generations to come. An accessory for formal or casual wear, this cuff allows you to wear the earth's splendor on your wrist.


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