Kingman Turquoise Dragonfly Pendant | Darren Livingston

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1 5/8" x 2 1/2"

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Kingman Turquoise's bold and varied hues stand out in this dragonfly pendant handcrafted by Darren Livingston! The design mirrors the dragonfly's delicate wings and body, with each piece of turquoise positioned to create a lifelike silhouette, while the natural matrix within the turquoise adds an organic touch, symbolizing the unique journey of each wearer. Livingston's skillful craftsmanship is evident in the intricate details and perfect symmetry, making it more than an accessory; this pendant is not only a testament to Darren Livingston's artistry but also to the timeless elegance of nature's own designs.


Navajo Silversmith, Darren Livingston works with a wide variety of materials onto a heavy gauged sterling. Growing up, Livingston was mentored by his father, Paul Livingston, who is also a well known artist who creates traditional Navajo works; this led Darren to develop his own style but with a contemporary twist.


With a history spanning over a millennium, the Kingman Turquoise Mine is one of America's earliest and most prolific sources of turquoise. Discovered by ancient indigenous peoples over 1,000 years ago, Kingman turquoise boasts an enchanting sky-blue hue and offers a wide spectrum of blue variations. The mine’s legacy is intertwined with the history of the American Southwest, and it has served as the largest turquoise supplier in the jewelry trade since the late nineteenth century.


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