Wild Horse Turquoise Cuff | Rick Werito

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Size: 5 3/4 (Medium-Large)


Adorn yourself with the regal allure of this meticulously handcrafted cuff by Navajo silversmith Rick Werito. This stately piece features an impressive Wild Horse gemstone, its distinctive blend of brown and white hues perfectly complemented by a rope-style bezel and sterling silver buttons. With exquisite attention to detail and masterful artistry, Werito has created a sophisticated statement piece in this one-of-a-kind cuff.


Wild Horse was discovered in the mid 1990’s near the Globe Mine located in the Gila Wilderness of Southern Arizona. Although it is often called Wild Horse “turquoise” due to its uncanny resemblance to the patterns of turquoise, it is technically a form of magnesite stone. Its rarity makes Wile Horse highly valuable, as it is exclusive to only one mine and has yet to be located anywhere else in the world.



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