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This exquisite handcrafted Godber turquoise bracelet features a stunning sterling silver overlay design, a true masterpiece that harmoniously blends natural beauty with artistic craftsmanship. The contrast between polished silver and a single Godber turquoise gemstone creates an exquisite interplay of textures and colors making this bracelet a unique celebration of elegance and sophistication.


Formerly known as Burnham, the Godber mine is located east of Austin, Nevada, and its discovery dates back to 1932. The mine’s distinctive turquoise possesses an exceptional color spectrum, spanning from a delicate pale blue to an intense, nearly ebony tone. Another prominent characteristic is the incorporation of a brown or reddish-brown matrix, producing a remarkable juxtaposition against the encompassing blue backdrop. Owing to its remarkable quality, Godber turquoise is a highly sought-after gemstone among collectors.



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