Birdseye Kingman Turquoise Pendant | Jason Livingston

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4 1/4" x 3/4"

Bail: 5/8"


In this gorgeous pendant created by silversmith Jason Livingston, two unique Birdseye Kingman turquoise stones are complemented by expertly crafted scalloped bezels, sterling silver drops, buttons, and hand-stamped details. This piece isn't just jewelry; it's a wearable work of art that encapsulates traditional artistry and the spirit of the Southwest.


Birdseye refers to a type of turquoise akin to Spiderweb turquoise, but distinct in that it features a light blue base with a complementary blue matrix rather than dark patterns. This configuration yields a unique visual effect where cross-cut stones reveal numerous pockets of lighter blue stone enveloped by darker blue matrix, resembling a bird's eye. Birdseye turquoise, a rarity, can only be found in a few mines, including the Kingman Turquoise Mine located in Arizona.



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