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Egyptian Turquoise Earrings | Eula Wylie

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Drop Length: 2 1/4"


Elevate your jewelry collection with these enchanting Egyptian turquoise drop earrings by Navajo artisan Eula Wylie. Meticulously handcrafted, these earrings showcase a delicate flower motif that beautifully complements the rich hues of cerulean Egyptian turquoise. Eula Wylie's artistic prowess and the earrings' elegant design unite to create a timeless expression of cultural fusion and artisanal craftsmanship.


Discovered in Egypt over 7,500 years ago, Egyptian turquoise holds an esteemed place in history. Believed to be a sacred stone imbued with metaphysical abilities, it garnered reverence from the Egyptians. Used by healers and adorning the likes of kings, pharaohs, and rulers, this turquoise variety continues to be sourced from the ancient mines of the Sinai Peninsula. Renowned for its vivid color range and robust red and golden matrices, Egyptian Turquoise remains highly coveted worldwide.



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