Candelaria Turquoise Dragonfly Pendant Necklace | Marita Benally

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Length: 23"

Pendant: 2 1/5" x 3"


Embrace the beauty of nature with this stunning dragonfly necklace, a captivating creation by Navajo artisan Marita Benally. Meticulously hand-stamped sterling silver adorns the insect’s wings, while a captivating Candelaria turquoise gemstone adds a burst of vibrant color. With each detail reflecting Benally's skillful artistry, this one-of-a-kind necklace is a wearable homage to the Southwest's elegance and the allure of Candelaria turquoise.


Originating from the Candelaria Hills of Southwestern Nevada, Candelaria turquoise hails from the mine owned by the Silver Standard Company. This turquoise variety is renowned for its exceptional quality and rivals even the finest globally. Typically found in slender veins, it displays a spectrum from rich electric blues to medium greens, adorned with matrix in shades of black, red, and brown. The most exceptional Candelaria turquoise boasts deep blue hues with intricate red veining, an exceedingly scarce and coveted treasure among collectors.



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