Our Vision

We strive to highlight simply the best Native American craftsmanship.

We strive to conduct ourselves as ambassadors to the art by building longstanding connections between artists and collectors, promoting respect and appreciation for the traditions of handmade jewelry. We are dedicated to keeping the art alive and well-respected.

Samsville on the road

Samsville Gallery's Santa Fe Plaza location serves as a wonderful basecamp, but the heart and soul of Samsville lies in being “on the road again." Since 1995, Samsville Gallery's team, has traveled to the country's top rodeo events and stock shows across the country. Our booth has become a popular, anticipated, and award-winning destination easily recognized by its elaborately detailed design.

Our history

Sam Abweh has been a constant force in the Native American jewelry and western fashion trade in New Mexico for 29 years. His journey started in Gallup, NM, where he worked at a trading post. While learning the industry's in's and out's, he fell in love with the community surrounding Native jewelry.

In 2011, he opened Samsville Gallery on the historic Santa Fe Plaza. The Gallery has since expanded it's storefront, but it's true heart has never changed.

“Our goal is to present the Southwest, present Santa Fe, and present the artisans who devote the time and effort of creating our jewelry,” says Sam, whose passion for the artists and customers alike is apparent to anyone. Unapologetically friendly, he bounces from customer to customer ensuring their comfort and offering nuggets of information. “We feel at Samsville we are ambassadors to the art by building the connections between the artists and collectors.”