Over the past 25 years, founder of Samsville Gallery Sam Abweh has been traveling to the top rodeo events throughout the country. He and his team have consistently won Best Booth awards over the years, and are extremely proud to be not only sponsors, but family to these rodeos.

Our message is to bring simply the best Native American craftsmanship, and to promote the tradition. We feel at Samsville we are ambassadors to the art by building the connection between the artists and collectors. We are dedicated to keeping the art alive and well-respected.

Sam takes the time and effort to give this art its own well-deserved platform; from the Santa Fe Gallery to the roadshows and directly to you virtually.

Like and follow us on social media to stay up to date on our upcoming events, artist interviews, the newest promotional offerings available to you in the beautiful art of native jewelry. If you are in Santa Fe, we personally invite you to experience our beautiful gallery located on the Historic Santa Fe Plaza. New collections are added weekly.

As always, we look forward to seeing you either in the Santa Fe Gallery, on social media or on the road.