Royston Turquoise Heart Cuff | Ronnie Willie

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Size: 6

Width: 2 3/4" 

Gap: 1 1/2" 


Crafted by acclaimed artist Ronnie Willie, this cuff features a stunning heart-shaped Royston Turquoise stone known for its vibrant turquoise hue and rich brown matrix. The stone is set in beautifully detailed sterling silver centering a series of hand-stamped motifs that complement the cuff's rustic charm. Willie's craftsmanship is evident in the rope border encircling the turquoise and the carefully placed silver accents that add elegance and depth to the design. This piece embodies a perfect blend of traditional Navajo techniques with a touch of romantic flair, making it a unique addition to any jewelry collection. It is a cuff ideal for those who cherish both the symbolism of the heart and the exceptional beauty of natural turquoise.


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