Kingman Turquoise Cuff | Larson L. Lee

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Size: 5

Width: 2 1/2" 

Gap: 1 1/2" 


Delve into the depths of Navajo tradition with this sterling silver cuff crafted by Larson L. Lee, featuring a prominent Kingman Turquoise stone. The turquoise, celebrated for its deep blue hue and intricate black matrix, is beautifully set in a detailed silver bezel that enhances its natural allure. Surrounding the stone, exquisite silver-work, including symmetrical patterns and sunburst motifs that echo the rich heritage of Navajo design, adorn this piece. Adjustable and made to fit comfortably, Lee expertly blends impeccable style with the durability needed for daily wear. Perfect for collectors and fashion aficionados alike, this cuff offers a unique blend of contemporary fashion and age-old tradition.


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