Kingman Turquoise Cuff | Artisan Handmade

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Size: 5 1/2"

Width: 2 1/2" 

Gap: 1 1/4" 


Introducing a truly unique bracelet that marries history with elegance, crafted with exquisite detail by skilled hands. At its center, a 1974 half dollar coin featuring a side profile of President JFK takes pride of place, flanked by two magnificent Kingman Turquoise stones on each side. Delicate silver drops add intricate detail between the coin and the turquoise, enhancing the bracelet's beauty. The bracelet itself is composed of three strands: a central silver twist wire, flanked by half-round wires on either side, creating a harmonious balance of texture and style. Meticulously crafted and rich in symbolism, this bracelet is a statement piece that captures the essence of both vintage charm and timeless elegance. Wear it with pride and grace, celebrating history and heritage with every glance.


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