Kingman Turquoise Cuff | Leonard Maloney

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Size: 5 3/4 

Width: 1" 

Gap: 1 1/2" 


Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Navajo craftsmanship with this cuff skillfully handcrafted by esteemed artist Leonard Maloney. A Kingman Turquoise stone, revered for its mesmerizing hues of blue and intricate matrix patterns, lies at its heart, echoing the vast skies and rugged landscapes of the American Southwest. Wrapped in delicately twisted wire, the turquoise stone is embraced by a touch of rustic charm that adds depth and dimension to the design. A hand-stamped rug motif, symbolic of Navajo heritage and craftsmanship, creates a tapestry of intricate patterns while star buttons add a touch of celestial allure to the sterling silver frame. Whether worn as a tribute to tradition or as a statement of individuality, this cuff captures the spirit of the Southwest with timeless elegance and undeniable grace.


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