Kingman Turquoise Cuff | Rick Tolino

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Size: 5 1/4 

Width: 1/2" 

Gap: 1 5/8" 


Embrace the beauty of Navajo craftsmanship with this Kingman Turquoise cuff meticulously crafted by talented Rick Tolino. The mesmerizing stone--sourced from the storied mines of Kingman, Arizona--embodies the Southwest's natural beauty and dramatic hues. Hand-cut, sterling silver borders the turquoise with a touch of intricate detail and artisanal flair. Five half-round wires elegantly frame the centerpiece, creating a harmonious balance of form and texture. With its blend of traditional techniques and contemporary aesthetics, this cuff is more than just a piece of jewelry—it's a wearable work of art that honors the legacy of Navajo culture and celebrates the timeless allure of Kingman Turquoise.


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