Spiny Oyster & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cluster Ring | Darlene Begay

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Size: 12"

Adjustable Band

Ring Face: 1 3/8" x 1 3/4" 


A timeless treasure handcrafted by Navajo artist Darlene Begay, this adjustable cluster ring is a testament to both artisanal skill and the natural beauty of the Southwest. At its heart, a radiant purple Spiny Oyster stone takes center stage, sourced from the depths of warm waters and prized for its vibrant hues. Surrounding this captivating centerpiece are delicate Sleeping Beauty Turquoise stones, each adding a pop of tranquil blue reminiscent of clear desert skies. Sterling silver detailing in the form of intricate silver drops further enhances the ring's elegance and charm. With a history dating back to 6000 BCE, Spiny Oyster shells have long been cherished by indigenous peoples, making this ring not only a stunning accessory but also a tribute to centuries of cultural heritage. Embrace the spirit of the Southwest with this exquisite piece, a true embodiment of artistry and tradition.


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