Boulder Turquoise Pendant | Albert Jake

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Length: 3 1/2" 

Width: 2" 

Bail: 1 1/4"


Albert Jake's sterling silver pendant is a remarkable display of the vibrant and earthy beauty of Boulder Turquoise, set within a meticulously crafted frame. The stone's unique matrix tells a story of geological wonder with rivulets of bright blue meandering through rich brown stone. Each twist and turn of the natural pattern is highlighted by the polished silver that encircles the gem, a testament to Jake's ability to enhance nature's artistry with his own. This pendant is not just an ornament, it is also a piece of the earth's legacy, sculpted by time and the hands of a master craftsman.

The renowned Royston and Pilot Mountain Mines in Nevada are primary sources of Boulder turquoise. Differing from the mine-centric identification of most turquoise types, Boulder turquoise distinguishes itself by its unique turquoise veins gracefully traversing through boulder stones which sets it apart from other turquoise varieties. Aptly referred to as "Ribbon" turquoise, this variety showcases its name by elegantly forming ribbon-like arcs within the rich brown expanse of the boulder stones.


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