Spiny Oyster Shell, Sonoran Turquoise, & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Ring | Philbert Sacatero

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Size: 7 

Ring Face: 

Length: 1 1/2" 

Width: 1" 

Meticulously handcrafted by Navajo jeweler Philbert Sacatero, this colorful ring showcases a mesmerizing combination of spiny oyster shell, Sleeping Beauty, and Sonoran Turquoise gemstones. Four iconic robin’s egg blue Sleeping Beauty Turquoise stones contrast beautifully with seafoam green Sonoran Turquoise. Warm tones are introduced by orange and red spiny oyster shell. 

Prized for its luscious greens, blues, and gold striations, Sonoran Turquoise is a unique gemstone found only in Northwestern Mexico. Similarly, Sleeping Beauty turquoise is famous for its iconic pure blue color. One of the most sought-after gemstones, the Sleeping Beauty mine closed permanently in 2012 causing its value to triple over the past decade.


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