Emerald Valley Turquoise Dragonfly Ring | Kathleen Chavez

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Size: 9

Head: 1 1/2" x 2 1/4"


Navajo jeweler Kathleen Chavez creates a captivating ring that showcases the natural beauty of Emerald Valley turquoise in the form of a whimsical dragonfly. Expertly handcrafted in sterling silver, intricate drops and two delicate antennae complete this truly one of a kind piece.


Located in southwestern Nevada, the Emerald Valley Mine produces turquoise which exhibits a spectrum of shades, ranging from a profound forest green to the iconic Nevada Green Turquoise. Situated in the same region as the Royston mines, the term "Emerald Valley" is occasionally used to describe the deeply green Turquoise sourced from any of the mines within that area.



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