Sunface Inlay Bracelet with Coral, Onyx, Mother of Pearl, & Kingman Turquoise | Don Dewa

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Size: 5 1/4 (Small-Medium)

Gap: 1 1/5"


Immerse yourself in Native American artistry with this inlay bracelet by Zuni artisan Don Dewa depicting a Sunface kachina. Meticulously handcrafted, this bracelet features a stunning inlay design composed of onyx, vibrant coral, iridescent mother of pearl, and captivating Kingman turquoise, capturing the essence of Southwest symbolism and colors. With Don Dewa's expert skill, this bracelet becomes a wearable canvas that celebrates both tradition and individuality.


Spiritual entities in western Puebloan religious beliefs, Kachinas hold central significance across diverse cultures, including the Hopi and Tewa Village in Arizona, as well as the Zuni, Acoma, and Laguna Pueblos in New Mexico. Meticulously crafted, this bracelet depicts the powerful symbol of the Sunface (or Tawa) Kachina, which represents the spirit of the sun and encompasses life, warmth, and abundance. With over 400 distinct kachinas existing in Hopi and Pueblo culture, variations abound from one pueblo community to another.



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