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Length: 18 1/2"

Bold and striking, the teardrop-shaped orange spiny oyster shell pendant hangs gracefully from a sterling silver chain. The shell's natural lines and waves are beautifully showcased, contrasting with the meticulously crafted silver setting that mirrors the repetitive patterns of nature. Each detail is a reflection of skilled artisanship, with spirals that echo the undulating waves of the sea where its heart was born. It is a versatile piece of the ocean's mystery, wrapped in silver and carried close to your heart that effortless moves between modern elegance and traditional craftsmanship, offering a touch of luxury to any ensemble.


Found in the warm waters, spiny oyster shells come from bivalve mollusks known for their bright purple, orange, red, brown, and pink colors. The ‘spiny’ in their name refers to the ridges along the shells. Spiny oyster shells have been important elements of Native American jewelry for centuries. People in South America have also prized spiny oyster shells and incorporated them into jewelry, pottery, ceremonial objects, and other works of art. Spiny oyster has been found in burial sites from 6000 BCE. Collecting shells requires diving skills or special equipment, and high-quality shells are rare, which makes spiny oyster shells even more precious.


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